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Mélanie, the creator of "Branché (e) déco", trained on the benches of Fine Arts.

For many years, she worked as a decorator and visual merchandiser with major brands.

While continuing her work as a decorator, she gave a new lease of life to crochet by making light and poetic decorative objects using this technique which reminds us of our grannies' doilies !!

Balloons and jellyfish, alone or in a "bench", can hang in any room of your house. Several sizes and colors exist to be able to integrate as well as possible into your space. Some balloons and jellyfish are decorated with a light garland which provides mood lighting.

You just have to get carried away by a flight of balloons or a jellyfish bench!

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méduse web.jpg

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Tous nos ballons et méduses sont très légers et peuvent se suspendre avec une simple punaise et un fil de nylon.